Fit To Hit

Empower yourself!

Our co-ed Fit to Hit self defense program teaches students to defend themselves, build confidence, and stay in shape through martial arts, boxing, light weight lifting, and areobic drills, and more.

Fit to Hit is a co-ed self defense and fitness class for adults of all ages. Students of varying skill levels interact and learn the fundementals of how to protect themselves against the 36 habitual acts of violence, all while breaking a sweat, and staying in shape. Each class consists of exercizes for both health and skill, including mixed martial arts, aerobics, light weights, single, and two person drills. Students are taught the skills they need to be confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Class Curriculum

  • Chi/Gong and Active Stretching: Warm Up, Felxibilty, Balance, Organ Health
  • Aerobics: Cardio and Coordination
  • Light Weight Lifting: Bone Density, Muscle and Tendon Strength.
  • Karate and Boxing Drills: Self Defense and Confidence Building
  • Karate Kata: Single Person Karate Forms
  • Two Person Drills: Practice, Form, and Body Control

Class Schedule


Monday: 6:30PM – 7:30PM

Wednesday: 6:30PM – 7:30PM

Membership Price

$60/mo for one class per week

$75/mo for full schedule

Walk-In Price

$20 per class with no commitment