Forever 49

How do you look? How do you feel? Age is a condition, not a number.
Our signature Forever 49 program for seniors, will keep you functional and pain free through a variety of low impact exercises.

One of our most popular programs, Forever 49 is designed to help seniors stay healthy as they reach their golden years. Each class is designed to touch every aspect of the body to keep students pain free and flexible. We practice stretching, alignment of the spine, balance, coordination, muscle and bone strength, and keep our joints fluid, all while keeping things low impact and fun.

Class Curriculum

  • Chi/Gong and Bagua: Spinal Alignment, Healthy Organs, and Stretching.
  • Tai/Chi: Balance and Relaxation.
  • Light Weight Lifting: Bone Density, Muscle and Tendon Strength.
  • Silk Reeling Exercizes: Movement of the 18 movable joints of the body.
  • A bit of line dance and a head full of health tips.

Class Schedule


Monday: 10AM – 11AM

Wednesday: 10AM – 11AM

Friday: 10AM – 11AM

Membership Price


with access to all Forever 49 class times

Walk-In Price

$15 per class with no commitment